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11 Dec. 21

What is Regulation Adjustment? How is it done? Is it necessary?

Regulation adjustment is actually a method that most people know, but do not apply. The regulation adjustment, which is not as difficult as it is thought, is an adjustment made by playing with the radiator valves. The process of closing the radiator taps closest to the boiler and opening the farthest ones completely is called regulating adjustment. The volume of water going to the radiators loses momentum from the closest to the boiler to the farthest. This leads to the cooling of the lower parts of the cores or the fact that the cores far away from the combi boiler will not heat up at all. When the lower parts of the heater core that are not regulated are touched, it can be felt that these areas are cold. Instead of increasing the temperature of the combi to heat the combs, the efficiency of the combs will increase and they will heat better when the regulation is adjusted.

Honeycomb regulating adjustment is a simple adjustment method that allows the cores to heat up evenly and is done by closing and opening the combi honeycomb valves. Adjusting the valve of the heater cores, in other words regulating adjustment, is an application that should be done in terms of energy saving. Honeycomb valve adjustment, that is, regulation adjustment, is an application that seems complicated but is very simple when its logic is solved.

How to Adjust Regulation? What Does the Regulation Adjustment Do?

The honeycomb valve adjustment made according to the distance of the heater cores to the combi boiler is called regulating adjustment. With this process, it is ensured that the combs that are farther away from the combi are burned more efficiently.

This adjustment is made from the valves of the heater cores connected to your heating system. First, the heater cores are sorted from the closest to the combi boiler. If double valves are used in your heater cores, this adjustment should be made from the valve that is not used frequently at the bottom. If it is done from the upper valves, this setting will be disturbed when it is necessary to open and close the cores, so always make it from the lower valves that are not used.

From which valve is the regulation adjustment made?

There are two valves in each honeycomb, with hot water inlet and water outlet. Hot water inlet from these valves is usually located at the top. If both heater core valves are at the bottom, the right is the hot water inlet and the left is the water outlet.

While adjusting the honeycomb valve, the water outlet valve must be in the fully open position. The upper valve, that is, the hot water inlet valve, is used to adjust the regulation. In radiators with both valves at the bottom, adjustment is made from the hot water inlet valve.

Closing the valves completely even though the boiler is on while adjusting the valve will not harm the boiler or the pump in any way. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

It is a confusing situation which side to turn when the heater valve is opened. When you turn the valve to the left, the valve opens, and when you turn it to the right, the valve is closed.

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Is Regulation Adjustment Necessary?

Yes, regulating adjustment is a process that needs to be done in order to heat the remote cores more efficiently, this process should be done by all households and workplaces that are heated with combi boilers and similar devices and complain that the last core does not heat up. If you have adjusted the regulation, but the last core still does not heat up, you need to have the core cleaning done.
In the above article, we tried to answer the following questions. Please do not hesitate to call us on any issues that you have in mind.

Why should the regulation adjustment be made?

There are many reasons for regulating adjustment. Now we will list you why the regulation adjustment should be made and how you should overcome this problem easily.
Adjusting the natural gas honeycomb settings ensures that all the heater cores in your home are heated equally.

Regulation adjustment reduces natural gas consumption

If the circulation pump in the combi is not sufficient to transmit water to the combs far away from the combi, then regulation adjustment should be made.

What Does a Corner Faucet Do?

When you make the regulation adjustment, we recommend using a radiator corner tap with a hidden valve so that children do not constantly play with the taps at the bottom. Thanks to the plug on these faucets, opening and closing the faucet is possible thanks to people who understand this business at home. When you open the plug, you can adjust the faucet with the hex key. Robust durable faucets eliminate this problem. No one can turn the faucet on or off. No one can change the regulation you make.