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The system that distributes the heat loss in the spaces by spreading the energy taken from the heat source to the floor with the pipes in the floor concrete, and therefore, provides the heating of the space by heating the floor, is called floor heating systems. In the system installed by Heating Engineer Hounslow, which started to be implemented in our country after the 1980s, the necessary heating is provided with warm water of 40 to 50 degrees. The system, in which all kinds of solid or liquid materials are used, absorbs the sun’s rays, heat pump solar collectors, and the integrated system meets the necessary energy needs.


Underfloor Heating Systems installed by Heating Engineers Hounslow are Advantageous

In the system installed by Heating Engineer Hounslow that provides a homogeneous heat distribution, there is no temperature difference between the rooms. Heat does not accumulate anywhere, and thermal comfort is not affected by sudden temperature changes, as it is stored by building structural elements. Underfloor heating ensures that the heat spreads over the entire floor area and meets the most suitable and economically advantageous heating need for human structure with its homogeneous distribution.

Inhibits Germ Reproduction

Since the floor surface temperature is twenty-eight degrees, the disturbing drop in air humidity is out of question in this system. As underfloor heating provides less movement in the space, it also prevents the growth of microbes. In systems where radiators are used, especially in areas close to the ceiling and heater, the hot air wastes, which cannot be prevented and are not useful, are completely destroyed by this system, resulting in energy savings of up to 30-50%. If it is installed in greenhouses, 47 percent energy saving compared to conventional greenhouse heating, and in this way, one more crop is obtained every year.

Prevents Mite Insects From Living

Since there are no radiator-like heaters in the space, it also provides the opportunity to be decorated as desired. Since the entire floor is not insulated, thermal insulation and soundproofing are realized between floors. As Underfloor Heating Systems installed by Heating Engineers Hounslow do not produce dust, they prevent mite insects from living. The systems in the space, where the actual amount of heat is applied, provides a uniform living environment in the buildings and suitable for the human body. In a healthy person, the armpit temperature is 36.5 degrees. The surrounding air is 20 or 22 degrees. The temperature on the foot surfaces is between 23 and 25. These numbers are the most ideal degrees for healthy human anatomy.

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How to Maintain Underfloor Heating installed by Heating Engineer Hounslow?

Underfloor heating systems installed by hounslow plumber with a maximum temperature of 55 degrees are used through combi systems. As one of the heating types used with water pipes and electrical systems, calcifications may occur in the system over time. However, this situation occurs after many years compared to heater cores. Limescale and sediment deposits appear almost every year because the temperature of a heater core is 70 degrees.

  • Underfloor heating should be cleaned at intervals of 2 and 3 years.
  • Flow and return hoses are used with special machines for underfloor heating systems. The system is cleaned with the help of air and water.
  • Dirty water will be discharged with special machines.
  • With the help of chemical water, slime, dirty water and muddy water exchange takes place.
  • Systems with low fungal and bacterial production will be cleaned quickly with easy cleaning processes.
  • It will save 20% to 50% fuel.
  • Do underfloor heating systems collect dirt?; Due to the water movement, underfloor heating systems can produce sludge, sludge and sludge. Compared to radiator systems, this situation is seen every 3 years.

Is there underfloor heating afterwards?

Water pipes or electrical cable systems placed under the ground can be installed in places with gas and electrical systems. The system used for this is to remove the parquets on the floor and place the system under the parquet at 3 to 6 cm intervals. Underfloor heating systems that provide a homogeneous distribution in the interior;

  • These are the systems in which the contact between carbon film and hardwood gold is reduced.
  • It is possible to switch from the use of radiators to underfloor heating systems by making gas connections with water pipe systems.
  • Safe heating and insulation areas can be created with electrical cable systems.
  • It can be applied in hot pools, indoor pools, houses, winter gardens, bath and indoor balcony areas.

Underfloor heating systems installed by Heating Engineers Hounslow, which can be integrated with the use of combi boilers, can be transitioned from radiators. After the measurements of the interior area used are made, heating systems can be arranged according to the possibilities of the surface, and electric or water pipe systems can be integrated. The systems that will increase the heat level will ensure that the whole area is heated with low energy thanks to the homogeneous heat distribution.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Engineer Hounslow

What are the advantages of underfloor heating systems recommended by Heating Engineer Hounslow?

Among the advantages of underfloor heating systems recommended by Heating Engineer Hounslow are homogeneous temperature distribution in the space, not needing constant maintenance, not causing heat accumulation on the ceiling, being able to be operated with all kinds of fuel, having low operating expenses, and working with heat insulation and soundproofing.

How do VRV Air Conditioning systems installed by Heating Engineers Hounslow work?

The VRV system installed by Heating Engineers Hounslow consists of outdoor and indoor units, copper pipeline connecting these units and control equipment. Since each indoor unit is connected to the main piping system, independent environments can be individually controlled and air-conditioned. Thus, energy savings can be achieved by not using it in areas where it is not needed.

Is the determination of air conditioning systems suitable for our needs done by Heating Engineers Hounslow?

Air conditioning systems can be planned and installed during the construction process of a building, or they can be installed in a building whose construction process has been completed. As Heating Engineers Hounslow, we offer the most suitable air conditioning systems to many areas such as business centers, factories, governorships and universities, during or after the construction project phase, together with our expert team, by making free on-site exploration.

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