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The main features sought in a perfect siphon installed by Local Plumbers in Hounslow are:

  • It should prevent the passage of gases and odors to the usage volumes,
  • It should ensure that dirty water and dirt flow easily into the installation,
  • Flowing water should thoroughly wash the inside of the siphon,
  • It should not have any moving or mechanical parts,
  • It should not have corners to collect dirt,
  • The inside should be smooth and the flow of water should be smooth,
  • The water curtain inside should be at a height that can resist the pressure of the gases in the pipes,
  • The excess water volume in it decreases the flow rate of the water and increases the possibility of the solids to settle to the bottom, so it should not hold too much water,
  • It should be able to be cleaned when necessary,
  • Particularly on the side of the waste water pipe, the gasket, shaft seal, etc., which deteriorate over time. equipment should not be used
  • It should be pleasing to the eye.
  • siphons; iron, font, lead, brass, copper, pipe, tile, plastic etc. can be made of materials. Those made of iron are coated with paint, galvanized or glazed to protect against corrosion. Today, brass and commonly plastic siphons are used.

Siphon Types Installed by Local Plumbers in Hounslow : 

1-) Pipe Siphons

Tubular siphons are simple in shape. They have most of the features sought in a perfect siphon. They take the name of the letter they resemble.

Types of pipe siphons:

a-) Bottle Siphons:

As examples of siphons in his group, we can show single-curtain, double-curtain and tubular siphons. Bottle siphons are flashy siphons. In our country, bottle siphons are widely used in places of water use such as sinks, sinks and urinals. However, it is difficult to claim that these types of siphons have the desired properties in perfect siphon.

The main drawbacks: The running water does not completely wash the inside; there are corners to collect dirt, the water has to flow by making a sharp turn, and there is a metal curtain. a) S siphon b) With washing machine connection c) P siphon

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Types of bottle siphon:

Special Siphons

In the dirty water installation by Local Plumbers in Hounslow, apart from the siphons located in the outlet pipes of the water drains, garbage and particles, oil, gasoline, etc. There are also special siphons that separate the substances.

Water Loss in the Siphon

It was previously stated that the pipe at the top of the installation should be taken to the open air so that the sewage system does not give off odor and toxic gases to the building. Even if the ventilation is done properly, the water height in the siphon does not remain the same. This can be caused by water flowing rapidly through the pipe, a rapidly closing door, a fan working in the window, evaporation in hot air, and capillary pulling caused by pieces of hair or thread in the siphon. In this case, some water flows into the waste water pipe and the water level in the siphon decreases. If the air current that disturbs the current balance is too much, the balance will be disturbed until enough air passes through the pipe to maintain the balance. When equilibrium was restored, the water height decreased. Siphons can do their job as long as the water height does not fall below the safety level.

Sink Installation

According to the types of sinks:

  • Half bench top without feet
  • Half pedestal countertop
  • Full pedestal Under counter
  • Shelf Barber
  • Double chamber Corner
  • With shelf (with cupboard, Hilton)
  • It is divided into groups as handicapped washbasins and each group includes its own assembly features.

Sink installation dimensions are usually taken for adult people. But in pre-school and primary schools, assembly and sizing should be done according to the age groups of people. The height of the washbasin from the ground is determined by adding 190 mm to the measure of the hand of the person who will use the washbasin, between the fingertip and the floor in free standing position. Generally used dimensions according to age; For ages 6-14, 700-750 mm, 580-620 mm for younger ages are applied. In the installation of the sink, the selection of the fixture to be mounted on the sink should be decided first.

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Local Plumbers in Hounslow, provided by our teams working with the most modern technology, are carried out by minimizing crushing operations. Our team offers a temporary solution to your problem and creates an appointment at appropriate times, even if it is a small amount of breaking or noisy operations in the transactions to be made in the late hours.

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Our company, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction, completes Local Plumbers in Hounslow transactions without any charge in case the problems of our customers who benefit from services continue and recur.

Do Local Plumbers in Hounslow provide materials and spare parts that may be needed during operations?

Every equipment that may be needed during Local Plumbers in Hounslow is provided by our repairers and is included in fees. You don’t even need a screwdriver at home.

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