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11 Dec. 21

Has Your Water Bill Increased? Read this first!

Have you noticed a sudden and unexpected increase in your water bill? Not sure what to do next? If these are some of the concerns you have, you’ve come to the right place!

A sudden increase in your water bill can really surprise you, especially if you haven’t specifically changed your water usage routine. However, there are a few things you can do to find the cause of the high water bill.

If you’d like to learn more about what you can do when you notice an increase in your water bill, continue reading our article below.

Why Is My Water Bill High?

There are several reasons why your water bill may be high. This may be a problem of not paying your previous bills or prices may have been increased by your water provider. Either way, here are some other reasons why your water bill might be high:
Your water bill may have included amounts that you have not paid before. Unpaid amounts from the previous billing period may have been transferred to the invoice you currently have.
Your water supplier’s prices may have increased. To rule this out, try comparing the rates on your new bill and your previous bills. If prices have indeed increased, your water supplier should have informed you of this either on the invoice or in a separate statement.

Issuing the invoice may be delayed. You may have been billed for a longer time than usual, so the bill is higher than usual.

Maybe you used more water than usual. This may be true if there are more people staying at home with you. Try comparing your average daily usage on your current bill to your previous water bills, preferably for a bill from the same period last year.
Your invoice may be based on an estimated meter reading. This is true if the meter is not accessible when the meter reader is visited. Estimated bills are usually based on your previous water usage history. When your meter is read, your next water bill can correct any over or under bills for the estimated time.
You have potentially hidden leaks in your home. Detection of water leaks can be quite difficult, so it is recommended that you come to a plumber and locate these leaks to avoid further expense.

What Can I Do When My Water Bill Is High?

There are a few things you can do when your water bill is high. Some of these include:

1). Check the Reading on Your Meter

Try checking the reading on the invoice alongside the reading on the meter. The reading should be slightly higher as the counter will have some time to move. To check your meter reading, you can follow these steps:

To better read the black and red numbers, lift the water meter cover and clean the plastic meter.
Read the numbers from left to right.
Record the black numbers representing kiloliters (kL).
Note the red numbers recording each liter used, where 1,000 liters equals one kL. But for billing purposes, red numbers are often ignored.

2). Try Testing for Water Leaks

Water leaks are a possible culprit behind your increased water bills. Try checking for damp areas or puddles near pipes or your water meter. If you think you have a leak, try these steps:
Turn off all faucets and water outlets.
Record the reading projected onto your meter.
Wait an hour. Do not use water at this time.
Record another reading of your meter.
If there is a difference in your readings, you may have a leak.
Sometimes it can be difficult to visually locate a water leak, as underground water pipes can also have leaks. If you can’t detect a leak, but find that the steps above definitely indicate a leak, calling your water supplier for advice is the next best step.

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3). Check Your Water Meter

Sometimes there are accuracy issues with the way a water meter measures your usage. If you don’t have a water leak, try the next steps below:

Turn off all faucets and water outlets.
Record the reading projected onto your meter.
Fill a delicate 10 liter bucket with water from a tap.
Record another meter reading, making sure to reference the red numbers on your meter. It should show that 10 liters have been used.
If you notice that the recording is different, your water meter may be wrong. Try contacting your water provider for further action.

4). Monitor Your Consumption

If you don’t have leaks and your meter is accurate, an increase in usage is quite possible. Try taking regular meter readings and measure your daily water consumption. The best time to do this is to record before and after the shower, use the washing machine and water the garden.